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Developer and publisher of powerful, and easy-to-use software.

zebNet is a versatile and progressive software developer that creates award-winning and high quality software products used and trusted by millions of users around the world.

Our mission is to create world-class innovative software products designed to make computer use easier, faster, and more secure for individuals and enterprises around the world.

zebNet's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. Sleek, clear interfaces and intuitive wizard-based functionalities make our products the most enjoyable and easy-to-use software products in their categories.

zebNet is a privately held company headquartered in Polegate, England and was founded in 2008.

zebNet Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 06640001 and VAT registration number GB204000002.

Registered office and mailing address: 49 Station Road, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 6EA, United Kingdom.

Hi! We are zebNet. Who are you?

Haven't heard of us? Well, maybe that's because we don't do a lot of marketing but we simply trust that the users who needs us will find us.

This motto works for us but for you too since you save a lot of money by not financing expensive marketing campaigns with overpaid Hollywood stars.

But don’t be fooled by our words, look at the facts.

Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves

zebNet, that's this software forge from Polegate, UK. A small town near the coast where working and living is just fun. From here, we constantly work to bring new ideas to life making your life a bit easier.

We weren't always here. Originally founded in Margate, UK, it took us a few relocations to find the place where we feel most comfortable.

Apart from that, we have representatives in Ireland, Germany and New Zealand.

zebNet is established

We have been around for 15 years and it all began 2008 with a small idea based on personal needs from one of our founders. Now we have millions of active users, a mix of both paying and freeware users.

Some big and well-known businesses and organisations as well as some local authorities are our customers and give us their trust. Yes, you know them but since we like discretion here you won't find any names here.

Wondering why? Well, there a various reasons for this so we simply decided not to state any names.

zebNet is multicultural

We are global. We are multicultural. We are inclusive and we live diversity. People of different nationalities from different cultures with different traditions work for us around the globe.

zebNet is social

No, we don't mean social media if we say social. We believe that everyone should get what they deserve, so we work every day to stay social.

zebNet is awarded

Our software has won numerous awards and is highly regarded throughout the industry. Over the years we have received numerous awards from almost all well-known portals and computer magazines - worldwide.

We actually had a dedicated awards section on past versions of our website and tried to list every award we received but we have closed it down because scrolling down the page wasn't fun.

zebNet is zebNet

Sounds strange but what we actually want to say is that we are a completely privately held company that's alive and growing with absolutely no investors involved. That's a big advantage since we can always make our own decisions.

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Developer and publisher of powerful, and easy-to-use software

Since 2008 we create best-selling software products. Not just because we love what we do, but because software is just part of our DNA.

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