Get zebNet Connect to connect with us the easy and to take advantage from various benefits.

Connect is a small application that's being installed on your computer and it's completely available for free. It's the perfect companion for any zebNet product no matter if it's a free or a paid one.

Stay up to date with notifications

Be te first to read all zebNet news, product announcements and everything else about us and our products and services before others can access it. Of course, if you don't want to read any notifications, just disable it and you won't ever hear anything from us.

Manage your products

Run, update, reinstall or uninstall your free and paid zebNet products in just one simple interface. It's like magic just better.

Catch errors and submit them

App crashes are areful but sometimes they just happen. If one of our applications crashes, Connect collects them and you can decide to submit them to us so we can investigate the purpose of the crash. After investigating it, we will provide you with a diagnostic report directly in Connect so get the solution for the crash. We already talked about magic, right?

Benefit from faster support

The product is good but the support is terrible... Well, that might be true for others but not for us. In addition to our Help Desk, we provide a lot of support options directly in Connect so you can get faster support when contacting us through Connect.

Save a lot of money or collect free gifts

Coupons... Coupons... Coupons... Who doesn't like coupons? If you like coupons and free gifts, you should look at Connect. Exclusively in Connect, you can get coupons for our products and services to save up to 95% - that's almost free! But almost free is not free, right? Well, we have something for you. We regularly share free licenses for our full versions on a first come, first served basis directly in Connect.

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