BackBackup for SeaMonkey

06/01/2018 - Version

  • Bug fix: Product key must be entered again after some time of using
  • Improvement: Reorganized capatibilities to schedule a task

18/06/2016 - Version

  • Bug fix: Downloading an update may fail
  • Improvement: All application files are now dual-signed to ensure maximum compatibility from Windows XP up to Windows 10
  • Improvement: Improved unicode support
  • Improvement: When browsing a backup file, a double-click on a selected file item will now open that file
  • Improvement: Starting with this release, a new setup technology is being used for installing the application
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

11/11/2015 - Version

  • Bug fix: Creation of a backup reserve copy fails if creation of self-restoring backup files is enabled
  • Bug fix: Entering a full version license key isn't possible if a previous used trial license key is already expired
  • Bug fix: With retention rules enabled, an error messages occurs if the backup destination is not exclusively being used by the application

21/09/2015 - Version

  • Feature: Added SSL option for sending notification emails
  • Improvement: On notification emails, SMTP user is used as default email sender address if it's a valid email address and if no other sender address has been defined
  • Bug fix: Converting an old backup file fails if the file to be converted is password protected
  • Improvement: Version detection of the application to be backed up is now using another attribute displaying a shorter version number
  • Bug fix: Backup may fail on certain systems with retention rules enabled
  • Bug fix: Recovery may fail on certain specific systems
  • Bug fix: Browsing a backup fails on some specific non-English language configurations

16/08/2015 - Version

  • New major release as successor to zebNet Backup for SeaMonkey TNG

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