BackBackup for Thunderbird

zebNet Backup for Thunderbird is a professional all-in-one backup solution that was especially designed to easily create backups of your Mozilla Thunderbird data.

Backup Features
Create backups of all your Mozilla Thunderbird data in less time as with other backup solutions of this kind and take advantage from advanced backup features to be protected as best as possible.

Advanced backup features includes PKWARE compatible, AES 128 or AES 256 encryption to avoid unauthorized access to your backup files, the execution of pre and post backup commands, a selection of four different compression levels to save your disk space, the ability so send notification emails, a backup splitting feature, a backup validation feature to ensure that your files have been backed up correctly and much more backup features for a complete backup solution like unlimited local, network and cloud backup reserve locations, Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) support, backup comments etc.

Any FTP server in the world can be selected as cloud backup reserve location so you can always be protected as best as possible.

Furthermore, Mozilla Thunderbird must not be closed before backing it up so you can keep on working during the backup.

Recovery Features
If the worst-case happened, backups can be recovered within few minutes and with just a few clicks. If Mozilla Thunderbird is already present on your computer you can always decide what should happen with your current Mozilla Thunderbird data before recovery will start.

Browsing Features
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird allows you to easily browse through your backup files in an Explorer like structure and even to extract single or multiple items from your backup files.

Scheduling Features
Setting up and running your backups is convenient with zebNet Backup for Thunderbird. The scheduling feature offers you practical options to decide when your backups should run. With the scheduling feature, you can run your backups upon an event, periodically, daily, weekly or monthly.

Tools & Utilities
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird comes with some great tools & utilities that are designed to make your life easier.

Cross-Platform Backups
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird creates cross-platform backups which makes it incredibly easy to move all your Mozilla Thunderbird settings without adjustments from one computer to another, even if it has a different version of Microsoft Windows and/or Mozilla Thunderbird installed - for example from Mozilla Thunderbird 30 to Mozilla Thunderbird 38 or vice versa.

Thunderbird Portable
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird is compatible with portable editions of Mozilla Thunderbird and it is even able to create a portable edition of Mozilla Thunderbird with or without your local profile directly on a USB flash drive or any other supported drive.

Backup Guard
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird delivers with the integrated backup guard continuous data protection (CDP) for your Mozilla Thunderbird data. This means that a new backup can automatically be created every time when closing Mozilla Thunderbird.

Test Mode
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird comes with an integrated test mode for Mozilla Thunderbird that allows you to try and test everything you want without the risk of damaging your actual Mozilla Thunderbird data.

Retention Rules
Old backups can automatically be deleted if they are no longer needed by setting a limit on the number, age or size of backup files. This helps you to save your disk space and to avoid a large backup archive.

Native 32-bit and 64-bit Power
zebNet Backup for Thunderbird is both a native 32-bit as well as a native 64-bit backup solution that enables you to use the complete power of your system.

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