Bookmark Manager

Sort out your mess and store all of your browser bookmarks in just one single place, no matter which browser you are using.

zebNet Bookmark Manager gives you the freedom to import your bookmarks from all of your browsers and enables you to store them centrally in just one single bookmark database so you don't need to worry about your mess again.

This is the app you have been looking for a long time.

Open your bookmarks with every browser you want and if you even need to us an exotic browser, then just add it to zebNet Bookmark Manager and use it - It's that simple.

Managing and editing your bookmark details manually can be painful and time consuming so don't do it again. Just let zebNet Bookmark Manager do the work for you and retrieve the website details like website name, description and keywords automatically and without any interaction from you.

When using more than one browser you probably have duplicated bookmarks. Just find and delete them with zebNet Bookmark Manager in no time and keep your database clean.

If you have collected your bookmarks over the years, some of the websites might have been taken offline in the meantime so why not just clean up your bookmarks by automatically finding and deleting invalid bookmarks?

Yes, that's true, you can all do that and even more with zebNet Bookmark Manager.

Have you ever wanted to quickly access your bookmarks across your browsers? Just do that with the Sidebar of zebNet Bookmark Manager and quickly access your bookmarks even if you have more than one browser open. But that's not all what the Sidebar can do for you. You can quickly add a new bookmark by just moving the address bar of your browser into the Sidebar.

And by the way, if you want to find specific bookmarks that matches a specific search string, zebNet Bookmark Manager will of course find all of them in real time.

Don't believe us and our marketing blah blah but trust yourself and just try zebNet Bookmark Manager. You won't regret it but you might regret it not to try.

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