Hotkey Manager

Get more out of your keyboard and transform it into a powerful hotkey launcher.

Use virtually any key combination and save your time by automating common actions that are now accessible directly on your keyboard.

No matter if you want to create hotkeys to run applications, to open folders or to open websites, zebNet Hotkey Manager is your new companion.

Have you ever wanted to restart or shut down your computer with just a key combination on your keyboard? Well, zebNet Hotkey Manager gives you access to those and other system options so you can do it right away.

Add some pre-defined texts in zebNet Hotkey Manager and insert it into any other application by just pressing the hotkey.

But that's not all what zebNet Hotkey Manager can do for you.

Create screenshots and save them automatically or manually in a folder and an image format of your choice and replace your current and inflexible ALT + PRINT key combination with a brand new combination.

Control your media player or your browser with a hotkey created with zebNet Hotkey Manager.

You can do more with your keyboard - a lot more and zebNet Hotkey Manager enables you to do more with it.

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