zebNet SurfGuard is a highly available SaaS product that effectively protects against dangers and threats on the Internet and enables safer, faster and ad-free surfing.

This is made possible by SurfGuard acting as a guard between your devices and thereby reliably filtering out any non-legitimate data traffic.

This not only protects you from annoying ads, but also protects you from malvertising, a popular method of delivering malware via advertising banners.

Almost every device today calls home and sends telemetry data to its manufacturer at regular intervals; behavior that you normally cannot control.

SurfGuard prevents the transmission of telemetry data so you can use your devices without worries.

Some websites secretly mine cryptocurrencies in your browser in the background, without you having to do anything or asking for your permission. Not only does this reduce the performance of your device, it also significantly increases your electricity bill.

SurfGuard prevents secret crypto mining in the browser by nipping such an attempt in the bud. As a result, you benefit from faster device performance and lower power consumption.

SurfGuard blocks malicious software such as viruses, spyware, worms and other malware as well as phishing attempts.

Furthermore, and as an additional extra, SurfGuard protects you from fake shops that take your money but never deliver any goods.

SurfGuard is highly compatible and works with every device, no matter if they are based on Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.

In addition, SurfGuard is also compatible with your router and can protect you and your connected devices centrally from there.

Due to its high availability and robust maintenance, SurfGuard is enterprise-ready, which means that SurfGuard is also designed for corporate use, so that mishaps by your employees cannot affect your entire infrastructure.

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